Thursday, 14 August 2014

Dinner for hockey

 The twins are in conditioning camp for the next couple of weeks.  They skate for 1.5 hours every weekday evening.  And, boy oh boy, do they skate hard!  I'm definitely going to have to carb-load these kids before each session.

Normally, I tend to focus on more low/lower-carb food as I don't really eat too much carbs.  So, it's going to be a challenge for me to think of meals for these two energy-burning machines, and yet still have something that I can eat.  I might have to make myself the odd frozen low-carb dinner, me thinks.

Well, tonight, I made a creamy pesto with shrimp, peppers, and mushrooms on some rigatoni.  I started with this (I forgot to include the garlic in the picture, though, and the green cubes are frozen beet green/hazelnut pesto):

And, I ended with this:

It worked out well for me, too, as I ate the mushrooms, peppers, and shrimp, and didn't eat the pasta.

The coaches really worked them hard tonight.  At one point, I overheard a coach saying to them, "I know this is going to hurt and that sucks right now but . . ." I didn't hear the rest, though. They did a lot of battling drills today, which both of the twins really like.

During the scrimmage part, I was able to get a rare photo of both them on the ice, on the same team, on the same shift. Joshua is on the left and Katerina is on the right (both in red in the foreground).

Now, I have to think up a meal for tomorrow.  LOL